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Zewin Leung
Head of Digital Marketing, Gliitch.Co
Zewin Leung
Head of Digital Marketing, Gliitch.Co

Dear eComm Brand Owner,

I’ve been exactly where you are right now. It took me awhile to break the glass ceiling to my first 7-figure.

I spent hours and hours exploring every angle, strategy and theory and made many mistakes along the way. 

I failed (or prefer to say I learned what didn’t work) and through hard work and perseverance, I finally achieved my goals.

The reality is, there’s a difference between cracking a funnel and scaling a funnel.

Growing a business is a not a simple process.

It involves:

  • Messaging & Brand Positioning
  • Robust Systems & Processes
  • Proven Blueprints & Strategies
  • Team Structure & Operations
  • Finances & Management
  • and much more…

The truth is, more of the “Gurus” teach about theory and not the practical.

That’s why we streamlined this Email Guide.

To support other DTC eComm Brand Owners on their approach to growing and scaling their brands stuck at 4, 5 or 6 figures up to 7/8 figures and beyond.

We’re on a mission to help your eCommerce DTC Business journey scale further, proftably and effectively.

We are always aiming to improve your experience on how we help businesses move forward.

Should there be any ideas or feedback – we want to hear about it. We love feedback!

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– Team